Workshop on Reproductive Health (RH) Costing and Forecasting of RH Commodities

(18 – 22 May 2009) Bangkok
Venue: TBD

In support of the core mandate of UNFPA to achieve universal access to reproductive health by 2015 in accordance with International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) to realize MDG 5, the Asia and the Pacific Regional office Bangkok of UNFPA is organizing a Training workshop on Reproductive Health Costing and Forecasting of Reproductive Health Commodities during 18 – 22 May 2009 in Bangkok.

This particular workshop will be dealing with two important aspects of achieving universal access to RH by 2015, namely; (1) RH costing to estimate the resource requirements and costs of providing an essential package of reproductive/maternal health interventions; and (2) forecasting of RH commodities need under different policy scenarios in reaching national family planning goal and preventing maternal deaths.

This training workshop is intended to build capacity of national professionals, particularly those affiliated to established national and regional intuitions, so that the learned techniques could be best used to develop wider capacity in the areas of RH costing and forecasting.

At the end of workshop, participants will be able to:

  1. Understand the general space in which costing and forecasting of commodities occurs where they fit the overall process of policy making, planning and budgeting
  2. Understand the basic concepts of costing and fiscal space, and forecasting and policy impact
  3. Generate basic costing projections and forecast commodities need under different policy scenarios
  4. Apply both tools/models (costing and forecasting) to health related interventions in country context.

This training is now open for up to 5 participants from other UN agencies.

For those who are interested and meet the following criteria please send names and profile by 23 April 2009 to

Technical criteria to participate in this workshop are the following:
(a)   Have you ever created a spreadsheet and graphs using Excel?
(b)   Have you ever used the following Excel functions such as “if”, "vlookup", "sumif" and “F4” bottom to fix a cell?
(c)    Have you ever recorded and edited macro in Excel?